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June 7, 2024
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June 21, 2024
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    1 x 30hr Pre-Paid Time Block towards website design, development and consultation services used in .25hr increments. Any unused portion of time will be carried over indefinitely for future use.

    Work completed:

    On 6/5/24 (0.75hr) – Time exceeded carried over from previous time block ->

    On 6/13/24 (2.5hr) – Continued working on the SCL User directory listing now working in Elementor trying to capture the user meta but found none of the widgets seems to include users as a query item, in fact, after searching the web and checking github, there really isn’t any consideration for this outside of a paid addon plugin and based on some other suggestions decided to instead create a method in which upon user update, we cross reference if they are SCLK certified, if not, we check to see if that user has a matching SCL User custom post type and if so, remove them however if they are SCL certified, we then create or update the matching custom post type with the SCL data. We can then build out the grid using the loop grid widget querying the SCL custom post type. Iterated over this enough where it is ready to test, saved file in theme folder includes.

    On 6/14/24 (5hr) – Call w/ Sirena and team via Zoom. Reviewed work w/ SCL users and showed how we now have an admin listing page and all the SCL options per User and then explained the conundrum regarding the loop grid widget and wordpress users and having to create a custom post type as the layer to serve the front end data. We also attempted to address the redirect where everything in GoDaddy appears to be set up properly but the redirect is not updating but not sure if we need to wait for propagation again. Will need to get on a call w/ GoDaddy to likely resolve this. Sirena asked if we could now do a group call where we worked on the ascended masters shop archive to create 3 groups of checkboxes that are based on product attributes such as topic, category, course level …some of which are ACF fields and others are WordPress taxonomy and worked inside the loop item builder to create a hidden list of 3 items that will be laced with the data we need for each set of checkbox filters. I added the 3 Elementor Pro forms and remove the submit functionality. I then worked on the remaining time in the call creating the logic that would allow for product items to be filtered visibly based on matching values with boxes that are checked. The ladies had to go while I continued working, will email them w/ update as it is almost ready.

    On 6/14/24 (1.5hr) – Continued working after our call to get the filter system of 3 checkbox lists working and emailed her with explanation, link and asked her to test. Also not sure if the current filter mechanism is the logic they need and emailed Sirena, for example does an item only have to match 1 checkbox or all checkboxes?

    6/15/24 ~ 6/17/24 (2hr) – Came back to test and found the logic was flawed in that each of the 3 types of checkboxes would allow for “any” checked box within it’s form to match a product for it to be included where as if you check boxes between the 3 types, they would require a product to match “all”  checked boxes across all groups. Started reworking logic so that it works where “any” checkbox value matching any of the products attributes but kept continually running into errors where one set of checkboxes would override another and ultimately reworked the code to class all checkboxes into one group and iterate it so that any product matching any of the checked boxes are revealed.

    On 6/17/24 (3.5hr) – Call w/ Sirena via Skype, reviewed work completed about an hour prior to the call where the checked boxes filter any product matching any of the checked boxes. Sirena then realized they would like it where the filter only shows products where their attributes match “all” checkboxes and worked through the logic keeping the original “any” logic in tact in case we need it or decide to allow toggling of it, and worked to fix another flaw discovered in that it would work if only 1 checkbox per type were checked but if more than it would hide everything. Worked through the logic and finalized after thorough testing, still needs tablet/mobile styling. Updated site and copied to production. Updated production plugins and prepared to test product purchase but found issues still w/ cart -> checkout link, tried troubleshooting but will need to see if it still exists after finishing our cart and checkout pages. Was able to bypass the issue, clear the logs and test shortly after our call and I confirmed via logs, DM dashboard and email that everything worked as desired, even removal from all DM groups upon refund. Let Sirena know via Skype. 

    Time remaining: 14.75hr

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Thank you.  We appreciate your business!

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June 7, 2024 @ 3:55 pm

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June 14, 2024 @ 2:01 pm

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June 14, 2024 @ 2:01 pm

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June 17, 2024 @ 7:29 pm

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June 17, 2024 @ 7:29 pm

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