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PO BOX 1412
WILDOMAR, CA 92595-1412
Jo Frost
Los Angeles, CA

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March 16, 2023
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March 30, 2023
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  1. Service

    1 x 10hr Pre-Paid Time Block towards website design, development and consultation services used in .25hr increments. Any unused portion of time will be carried over indefinitely for future use.

    Work completed:

    On 3/13/23 (4.75hr) – Time exceeded carried over from previous block, see notes -> 

    On 3/14/23 (.25hr) – Logged in to web host FastComet w/ which we are using DNS services and took a screen shot of MX and TXT records and logged in to ticket system at 123-Reg and uploaded screenshot.

    On 3/16/23 (.5hr) – Logged in to 123-Reg and found they had asked for the email client settings that our website is using such as the advanced email settings, the imap and smtp settings. I logged into and captured a screenshot from the post smtp settings area and uploaded it to the 123-Reg ticket and inquiring again as to why the sent items folder for [email protected] does not ever show any sent mail even when the mail that was sent was successfully received and I also provided a screenshot of the most recent smtp message transcript showing everything was successful.

    On 3/17/23 (.5hr) – Logged in to 123-Reg and found they are asking me to send a test email to an email address they provided. I then created a test page w/ a web form identical to the Get Jo’s Help page modifying the recipients to be Jo, myself and a 123-Reg test email address they provided me so they can see why we have no sent items history and hopefully also why sent email has been intermittent. 
    Jo should have received 1 test email from my test submission today. I provided 123-Reg tech support the full email transcript showing the email was successfully sent to all 3 parties, at least..sent to 123-Reg’s email servers. I also confirmed I received my copy. Jo later confirmed she received the test email and thinks the problem may be resolved. I am now waiting on a response from 123-Reg.

    On 11/29/23 (1hr) – Per Jo’s request updated both contact forms on Contact and Get Jo’s Help pages so that when forms are submitted the email address is submitted to MailChimp added to the Newsletter campaign. Also updated the form disclaimer text to reveal this and added a hidden honeypot form field to deter spam from bots. Sent Jo email of completion.

    On 12/12/23 – Jo sent over a suspicious looking email suggesting the website had been taken over (hacked) but it was just a bogus email.

    On 1/22/24 (.25hr) – Looked into email that was blocked due to a policy violation and helped interpret the error email that was sent. I explained that it looked as though Jo’s Yahoo email account blocked Jo’d Google email account from forwarding a suspicious email or in which the content/original sender caused some sort of flagging. I explained how sometimes these emails have marketing stuff embedded in it and by changing the email subject and copying and pasting the raw text or links can bypass these problems but it takes a little bit of technical confidence.

    On 1/24/24 (.75hr) – Received email from Darrin about bot form submissions so I did a little check in on what could be done. I communicated what we had built into the webforms, such as honeypot etc and additional services that can be used. I then installed the Askimet plugin and service and replaced the honeypot with “company” and I hid it in the middle of the form instead of the first field. I then asked Darrin to let me know if the bot submissions continue as it may take a little while to throttle down.

    On 2/24/24 (.75hr) – Phone call w/ Joe regarding her website collecting newsletter sign ups. At first she was concerned the website was losing opportunities by not forcing users to enter their email address to view the Get Jo’s Help page but after logging in and poking around a bit there is indeed a popup disclaimer that is only view once per unique visitor and each web form even the contact Jo form adds users as subscribers. I then assisted Jo and Darrin with understanding their MailChimp data and the metrics available in their MailChimp account.

    Paid check # 1045

    Time remaining: 1.25hr

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Thank you.  We appreciate your business!

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