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September 9, 2021
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October 7, 2021
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    On 9/9/2021 @ 12p – 1:30p – Met w/ Samantha and identified alarm panel (was locked) but was able to identify the phone cable coming out of it leading to the 66 style blocks.  I found it was originally connected the main line but there was no dial tone since the number has been ported away.  I quickly rewired using the downstairs fax line and verified dial tone and that I could both place and receive calls.  We called the alarm company to test and armed and disarmed the panel but she did not see anything connecting to her systems.  I then verified when the alarm box is armed and then disarmed, it successfully dials out and connects to the alarm company (verified by listening inline w/ my test set) but the customer service rep at the alarm company was not seeing our attempts and after hanging up with us, the second person only could help us update the alarm telephone number they had on file and could not dial into the box remotely to troubleshoot or would even offer to troubleshoot w/ me over the phone but could only dispatch a tech to come on site and take a look.  I explained last time they did that the tech didn’t even attempt to connect a phone line and I repeated many times that I could hear the alarm box successfully dial out, connect, exchanged digits and disconnect but they still could not verify it and can only send a tech.  I called Crexendo support to see if there was any way to reduce the inter-digit timer so that when the alarm box dials out there is no 5 seconds of silence before it rings waiting for more digits but even after changing this setting it was found the other end still answers in 2 rings regardless, exchanges a series of digits and then hangs up.  The comm error on the panel went away but they will need to test a mock break-in and confirm the alarm co. is notified or not, that was all I couldn’t verify, if not they will need to request dispatch an alarm co. tech to see what else the issue could be, i.e. maybe box is dialing an old number and needs to be updated, or caller-id sent is not up to date in their systems so it’s rejecting the connection, or the digits out-pulsed need to be out-pulsed slower?  I explained everything in detail to Samantha prior to leaving, that we now have dial tone re-connected to the alarm box when prior to my arrival there was no dial tone and essentially that’s all it should be.  I verified dial tone, the number dialed out by the panel rings, it answers, and both sides transmit and receive.  All should be good to go, phone line-wise. =)

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