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November 11, 2023
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November 25, 2023
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    On-Site Installation & Training – Additional time on site

    On 11/10/23 – 6p – 9:45p (3.75hr) – Additional labor to flash hardware, test and assist w/ end user training. Arrived on site to process 25 Yealink model phones and connected w/ Patrick and Tyler who helped get me set up in the conf. room. Tyler also explained that there is no POE switch installed and the switch they are using has a limited qty of ports. This will impact how many phones will be able to come online. I then gathered up all the phones scattered about the office mostly in the furniture partition area w/ no indication as to what phone belongs to who so I staged the phones around the conf room and began to check 1 by 1 against the bottom of the phone’s hardware MAC address against the 25 phones built in the Crexendo portal. Initially I did not find a single match. I was told there were still many phones at the office and coming out of vehicles. Dean asked if I could just flash the phones that are there. I explained that I have preprogrammed everything based off the list Tyler provided and I could swap out the assignments but I’d have to rebuilt each, one by one. This is when Dean informed me that he wanted everyone to have a second desk phone at everyone’s workstation. I told Dean I could do this but it is exactly doubling the work, this coupled with Ring Central password locking the phones will require another visit so I have access to them during a business day shift. I continued checking phones that were not locked, assigning them as second “B” devices to users, flashing, testing and then laying out with a sticky note label the name and extension to be then carried off wherever it belongs in the office. Prior to leaving I reviewed all of the 3 sets of phones, the primary still on Ring Central needing passwords, the new secondary phones all ready to go except 2 needing passwords and the remaining group of unused phones but still needing password resets.

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Status Update
November 11, 2023 @ 10:52 am

Status changed: Draft to Pending.