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March 18, 2022
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April 1, 2022
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  1. Service

    1 x 10hr Pre-Paid Time Block towards website design, development and consultation services used in .25hr increments. Any unused portion of time will be carried over indefinitely for future use.

    Work completed:

    On 1/12/22 (1.5hr) – Carried over from previous block – tellatek.com/web-invoice/4d2e2326b06c29120dbaadb3f9299d18/ 

    On 1/17/22 (1hr) – Follow up call w/ Art. Discussed where we are at currently and the long term vision and then what he wants in the “soon” spectrum while we iterated over the previous stuff done both w/ HTI and w/ GUT.  Talked about making GUT more podcast friendly where we could even embed live Zoom feeds into a site.  Art really wants to do an HTI app.  We discussLogged in to HTI and performed basic backup/update maintenance.

    On 2/4/22 (.5hr) –  Call to discuss HTI image going forward is high level, showed Art some landing pages I did recently and how there is an art to the presentation that is tied right into the call to action or primary function of the business etc.  He liked this and we talked about different ways to bring this into the site and then we kind of got off on a tangent like we always do.  Recapping with Art will send me some emails with inspiration for the new copy and wants me to think of creative ways that might be presented, to be cont’d.

    On 2/23/22 (.5hr) – Reviewed sites Art mentioned and discussed ways to do a streamlined one pager/splash page for a lead capture but in our own unique way.  He asked if I could flush out a demo mid Mar.

    On 3/15/22 (3.0) – Misc time from days prior to current, spent some time reviewing different conceptual design ideas.  Created a codepen area to explore something 1980’s that could go well with the HTI logo colors.  Grids and pyramids stood out so I set out to created a “scene” and got a working demo just needing to add chrome for the final navigation elements, web forms etc and polish it up.  The idea being the pyramid is a 3d object allowing rotational access to it’s “sides” which are menu navigation items that bring into the forefront the contact form, the login form, the about us overlay etc.

    On 3/18/22 (.5hr) – Screen share to review “interface” idea but I didn’t get to demo the web form interface I broke only hours before the call and didn’t have time to fix it but Art was overall pleased with the idea.  We discussed the concept and I expressed how I had wished to show him the whole “interface” idea and will use the Instagram link he provided for verbiage.  We decided to check back next week, Wed. at the latest. 

    On 3/20/22 (2.5hr) –  Created scene wrapper to contain the animated grid w/ horizon and added some control buttons at the top to toggle the scene, the grid and the pyramid object.  Added “Are You In? test at the top as well and gave the scene a yellow frame to match the control buttons.

    On 3/21/22 – Partial payment of $300 via Venmo – Payment ID: 3498981008526917142

    On 3/22/22 (2.25hr) –  Added control buttons inside the interface frame to add a spin on/off button which also toggles controls for left/right spin when paused.  I removed the swinging and the rotation from being on by default, feels a bit too much and makes using the navigation element (once built) quirky and even difficult.

    On 3/23/22 (2.5hr) – Fixed issue w/ grid animation and triangle sides being invisible on iOS devices using the safari engine.  Created side elements “Watch Intro”, “Subscribe”, “Follow” and “Got Talent?” for pyramid navigation but no click events yet, need to build each panel for when each side is clicked.  Set grid to initially off, maybe it’s too much.  After phone call, Art likes the grid and wants it front and center.  I told him I have an idea of using it w/ the interface where the interface builds itself when it opens and deconstructs when it closes. 

    On 4/3/22  – Final Payment of $300 via Venmo – Payment ID: 3508247522094857509

    Time remaining: 0hr (exceeded by 2.75hr – carried over to new block – tellatek.com/web-invoice/a3e464d60bb0423aefe45b83e8a809f5/)

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Thank you.  We appreciate your business!

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March 18, 2022 @ 3:50 pm

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