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September 1, 2021
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October 22, 2021
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  1. Service

    1 x 10hr Pre-Paid Time Block towards website design, development and consultation services used in .25hr increments. Any unused portion of time will be carried over indefinitely for future use.

    Work completed:

    On 9/1/21 (1hr) – Carried over time exceeded from previous time block – 

    On 9/1/21 (3.25hr) – Created new Intro “product popup page” for the new Perry website build using a similar background video effect but with a video from one of the songs in the box set and then used box set imagery to create a unique floating grid that is reactive to finger taps and mouse cursor movement.  I copied similar design from the home page except matching colors to the box set and where the siter menu would be there is an animated close button to continue on to the site (close popup) – I then added similar easter egg animated eye effect for a popup video.  I emailed Michael the preview link.  

    On 9/1/21 (1hr) – Received feedback from Michael on the new website that he really likes it and thinks the design is fresh but had some edits for me to make.  Removed the image of Perry in the footer and changed the social names to icons matching the example he provided while removing the shop and shows links.  I removed the black background of the footer and extended the lollapalooza background to the footer section per request. 

    On 9/2/21 (2.75hr) – Michael was stuck and couldn’t get past the Intro page because I had enabled a cookie that would tell the browser to keep loading that page rather than turn it off after the first visit and suggested he clear his browser cache to see some of my recent edits. He provided more feedback and I removed the praying hands section and then fixed everything into a single full page, lifting up the icons and bringing both the social links and updated menu links, i.e Spotify, Bands in Town etc.  I also corrected how the 4 band logo images were overlapping in certain landscape mobile sizes and hunted down some elements overflowing from the page creating some nasty looking scroll bars.  Misc refinements to the mobile menu.

    On 9/3/21 (.25hr) – Michael called again about the upcoming email migration tonight ensuring I’d be available to help and then also suggested we might need to make a second version of the home page where the menu is visible horizontally and the background video is full. 

    On 9/3/21 (5.75hr) – Misc phones call throughout the afternoon and into the evening with Rob, Arthur and GoDaddy and later on in the evening Michael as well, where we were able to work w/. aGoDaddy tech(s), after going through all the rounds of authenticating us into Gabe’s account via 2fa and getting dropped by the GoDaddy rep and having to do the entire process w/ a new GoDaddy rep all over again we finally were able to migrate all of the email, log in to the new email accounts and import the PST data for each one by one.  Rob was just finishing up waiting for everything to sync up when we completed the call w/ Michael.  Will give it some time but as of now all is good.

    Time remaining: 0hr (4hr exceeded carried over to new block per Michael’s verbal pre-auth – )

Subtotal $600.00
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Thank you.  We appreciate your business!

November 17, 2021 @ 12:35 pm

Payment Total: $600.00

November 17, 2021 @ 12:35 pm

Payment Total: $600.00

November 18, 2021 @ 10:34 am

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November 18, 2021 @ 10:34 am

Status changed: Pending to Paid.