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January 23, 2023
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February 8, 2023
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    On 1/23/23 (2.5hr) 10:45a – 1:15p – Worked w/ Glenn and Saul over phone and via screen share to troubleshoot the voicemail system’s voicemail to email functionality and found in the logs that it has an issue with reaching .com of which we verified using a smtp test website that the credentials needed to be updated via gmail settings and even once we successfully sent email via the smtp test tool and using the very same settings for the voicemail system and after rebooting and sending test vm messages it still showed errors in the log as not being able to reach host .com of which we then accessed a windows workstation and downloaded the Putty terminal client to connect to the vm at or .9 (one is phone sys and the other is vm) to then be able to access the command line blue wizard screen allowing us to check/change the network configuration of which the DNS entries looked like an old ISP. We set both DNS to public such as and, saved, rebooted and sent test vm to still find the same log errors, so it wasn’t DNS related. We then logged back in via Putty and tested from the command line multiple ping attempts and found only internal IP addresses responded and no name resolution so we worked to get the IT person Steve on the phone and connected remotely and after a bit of back and forth explaining the issue in which it appears the vm system does not have access to the Internet as of June 2022, Steve said he needed to be able to reboot/take the network down and due to school being in session Saul requested we reschedule.

    On 1/24/23 (.5hr) 1p – 1:30p – Worked w/ Gary and Steve via email and over the phone to review what exactly the vm system needs to which I explained very frankly but then we went further in detail, it needs to be able to reach, connect and send email to gmail via the Internet and likewise in return be able to receive ingress communication from gmail just the same. Steve confirmed he knew what needed to happen (i.e. firewall) and concluded he would reach out if he needed anything else from us but once the 192.168.0.X has Internet access we should be good to go…that is, until gmail changes smtp policies again.

    Total: 3hr

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March 13, 2023 @ 2:05 pm

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March 13, 2023 @ 9:05 pm

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