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November 4, 2022
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December 2, 2022
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    On 11/4/22 arrived on site approx. 12:45p and departed 3:15p, met w/ Diana who provided the new Snom PA1+ unit and I jumped right in and began unboxing the equipment and setting up my test environment w/ my telephone butt-set connected as the speaker, I powered up the unit via POE and verified the IP Address as 192.168.1.X via the test phone and was able to connect to the web admin.  I then connected to the old ATA to go through it’s settings and copy everything over to the new Snom unit. I changed the static IP Address of the ATA to .198 and then reprogrammed the Snom to to match it’s ext 199, I set it’s basic login as admin/admin, removed the ATA from the network, saved the Snom settings and rebooted. Upon reboot logged back in and found it did not register due to the missing password, I called Equiinet tech support and fairly quickly gathered the password and it immediately registered. I placed a test call and heard the page on my telephone butt-set so I let the tech go and then connected the wiring to the warehouse loud speaker and tested confirming it was heard loud and clear. Upon reviewing everything w/ Diana and almost heading out the door Linda mentioned that it was not working at her desk. A quick investigation discovered it was indeed working but the new Snom device, unlike the Viking device that provides a beep tone so I spent a little bit of time going through all of the settings, trying about a half dozen and toggling them back after tests still resulted in no tone.  The internal links to the help is a website that is down or no longer exists, I tried several search terms, message boards and Snom’s wiki website but eventually decided to stop the clock and checked out w/ Diana. I will investigate remotely. Explained that when paging, as soon as 199# or the Page one touch button is pressed you’ll see a call timer start at 0:00 and start incrementing per second and that is the indicator you are connected to the speaker and that’s when it’s ready to announce. *the timer is not displayed when ringing, only once a call is in session

    On 11/8/22 – Researched Snom PA1 tone before announcement and found an article in their FAQs about setting up a custom ring tone w/ a remote server url pointing to a specially formatted wav file along with a custom SIP header transport info alert from the PBX which would require support from Equiinet but this feels very archaic for something so simple and I’m going to research it a bit more, too late to call tech support, it is AM hours and I’m not even sure they support english over the phone.

    On 11/22/22 – After quite a bit of research I wasn’t able to find any other alternative way to enable this tone which really surprised me. I checked forums, user guides, custom configuration guides from several different providers and came up with zilch. I checked with the other hosting providers in which I have clients also using this device and confirmed they indeed use custom configured scripts following the guide Snom lays out which requires a web server and the provider to support the Alert-message.  I sent an email to Equiinet tech support linking Snom’s guide and the requirements asking if it is something they can support. Sent Dianna and update as well.

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  2. Travel: Min 1hr to: 1281 Puerta Del Sol, San Clemente, CA 92673

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