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August 5, 2021
Invoice Number
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October 22, 2021
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  1. Service

    1 x 10hr Pre-Paid Time Block towards website design, development and consultation services used in .25hr increments. Any unused portion of time will be carried over indefinitely for future use.

    Work completed:

    On 8/5/21 (.25hr) – Carried over time exceeded from previous time block – tellatek.com/web-invoice/59ecc1f3e683c9aed3b2771422b57bb2 ) 

    On 8/18/21 (1.5hr) – Worked w/ Rob to review and assist with number of email accounts to migrate and create new outlook inboxes to grab pst files from and began the set up for the new G Suite account to be used but started running into 2fa issues w/ we could not reach Michael to receive the code and once we did we had issues figuring out how to connect the domain.  Will need to connect w/ Michael directly on this, maybe do it together via screen share. 

    On 8/24/21 (4.25hr) – Completed more work on the new Perry website on the dev server.  Created a new and unique custom menu w/ icon hover animations and a staggered drop down effect.  Created a near full page background video effect using the time sequence Michael provided w/ the pirate punk politician video and some elements throughout the page.  Iterated over different ideas until I found a good vibe and solved many design and function problems as it relates to browser quicks, i.e. such as Youtube showing the video title and author w/ share links for approx. 3 seconds no matter which time frame you choose to load from and to keep this from being visible on the site I wrote some custom javascript to delay the fading in of the background video using a custom placeholder TV transmission animation.

    On 8/30/21 (1.25hr) – Multiple phone calls and emails w/ Rob trying to prepare for the upcoming expiration of Gabe’s account while Michael is still out of town.  We tried reaching out to Gabe but had no luck via phone but he did confirm via email 9/3 is the dead drop date.  We reviewed the game plan and will reconnect next week hopefully when Michael is back and we are ready to make the 

    On 8/30/21 (2.5hr) – Finalized the new website for Michael to review the overall design, look and feel.  Still haven’t created the intro box set page but added some final touches to the home page such as an animated sprite or “easter egg” that when hovered shakes vigorously and when clicked opens a popup preview of the full video w/ audio.  I also tuned up the footer adding in some nice animated blocks we/ fade-in elements on scroll and page load.

    On 9/1/21 (1.25hr) – Two calls w/ Michael today to discuss the upcoming migration this Friday, first was for a half hour and another for about 45 minutes where we reviewed the entire email migration scenario again along with all of the options such as trying to use GoDaddy vs migrating ourselves as Rob already has the data and should only need to sync up just before we make the move.  We attempted to progress in the GSuite but found some other account already has ownership of the domain and we’d need to figure out how to get that changed.  Michael will send out an email connecting all of us together and outlining the agenda, most likely using O365 via other GoDaddy account.

    Time remaining: 0hr (1hr exceeded carried over to new time block per Michael’s verbal pre-auth via phone call – tellatek.com/web-invoice/99cf8c730190e02e60aaad85dae3c0f5 )

Subtotal $600.00
Total $600.00



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