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December 1, 2021
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December 15, 2021
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  1. Task

    On 12/1/21 (2.5hr) – Per Greg, would like me to research a more modern gate entry option as well as Internet redundancy/remote mgmt options while working w/ Brian to ensure it’s the best for everything to be considered.  I emailed Brian and Greg w/ an update on my progress checking this morning w/ all the bigger named players, ATT, Frontier, Cox, Earthlink, Xfinity…and soon on the the more obscure like Hughs, Dish, Mediacom and then report back my findings.  So far, Earthlink found two sat providers they can offer at:

    -Usenet – 50gb usage @ 25mbps – then throttled 1-3mbps @ $149.99/mo

    -Viasat (same company the cruise ships use) – unlimited bandwidth – gold 30mb – $119.99 x3 mo’s then $169.99, silver 25mb – $84.99  x3 mo’s then $119.99, bronze 12mb – $64.99 x3 mo’s then $84.99
    Contact: Brady Bunch M-F 10a @ 844-660-1486

    On 12/8/21 (2hr) – Followed up w/ Crexendo engineer request for suggestions/options for gate entry device that is modernized for VoIP but also includes mobile app integration, maybe even supporting H263 video. Started researching devices I could find based on common query and calling a few other partners.  Reviewed brands such as Door King, Dahua, Axis, CyberData and others.

    Things looking for but not all are necessarily *required*:

    -outdoor, vandal/weather proof
    -Ethernet + SIP compliant
    -ability to trigger contact closure for gate control
    -push to call button
    -rings on house phones – potentially w/ video
    -rings on cordless phones
    -ring on mobile app w/ video?
    -keycard capoable
    -remote control? (use app?)
    -grant guest access (via app or keycard?)

    On 12/17/21 (1.5hr) – Another follow up w/ Crexendo but they are light staffed during the holiday season and the folks I need will most likely be accessible after the new year.  Continued process of elimination w/ many no name Internet providers that initially say they offer access to the home address but only to find it is not or the speeds are insufficient, such as under 1Mb DSL which is just being resold via the local PSTN.  Looks like the best option for now would be either a 5G wireless backup most likely mounted on a pole or a secondary Internet subscription from the same provider but knowing that if the provider goes down or it’s an area outage, both subscriptions would be down.  I think if we can confirm T-Mobile 5G and can get a decent signal and bandwidth consistently (we’d have to test w/ a 5G modem and antennae) we can use it for a backup but also load balance between the two.  The other thing we have to verify is if T-Mobile 5G supports 3rd party SIP to ensure Crexendo has no issues w/ VoIP over the cellular band.  Will follow up w/ Greg on this after the new year as I’m still waiting on a few other ISPs to respond about availability. 

    On 1/4/21 (.75hr) – Reached out to Crexendo again and spoke w/ Nishith the lead developer of which he confirmed we can support video to the Yealink desk phones but not the current model.  they would need the T57A models and they can pass video from the door device to the phones as long as they reside on the same LAN.  The other functions rely heavily on whether SIP is fully supported.  Will need to further investigate other desired features such as mobile app capabilities.  So far the Dahua looks to be the most capable and many models to choose from, the Axis prices cheaper but is not as capable (no mobile app) and the CyberData is also not integrated w/ a mobile app from what I could find.  Will need to narrow down a few models to present to Greg after confirming Crexendo confirms the model should work.

    On 1/10/22 – Paid via Zelle credit 843.75

    On 7/12/22 (3.5hr) – Phone meet w/ Brian and Greg to catch up where we are at and then stayed on w/ Brian. Recap of our call, Brian and I stayed on a good while longer to nail down a good POE solution. The DoorBird seems to be the best solution to cover all of your needs.

    We found a couple low cost solutions on Amazon, probably best to purchase a couple, use what works and return the rest after install is complete.


    This will allow for the existing single POE Ethernet connection to be split into 2 POE connections, 1 for the existing camera and one to power the new door access gate video phone.  The new surface mount housing listed below should be checked to ensure it will bolt up to the existing pedestal or if some kind of adaptation will need to be considered.

    The spec we came to is as follows:

    (1) D1101KH – IP Video Door Phone (push to call video phone, key pad for access codes)
    (1) D1101KH-SMH – Surface Mount Housing
    (2) A1061W – IP Door Chime
    (2) A1101 – Indoor Indoor Video Station
    (2) A8003 – Video Station Table Stand

    If the inline POE splitters above don’t fulfill the need (not sure why they wouldn’t) we could try something like these.




    On 7/14/22 (.5) – Misc email and coordination efforts.  Greg has ordered the 4 diff types of POE injectors hoping we can work w/ them and Brian is working on the DoorBird order.  Just awaiting an install date so we can move to implementation.

  2. Product

    Payment via Zelle 1/10/22

Subtotal $500.00
Total $500.00



Thank you.  We appreciate your business!

September 14, 2022 @ 12:58 pm

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