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May 16, 2023
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June 15, 2023
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    On 5/16/23 @ approx. 12:30p ~ 2p Met w/ Bobby and Josh at the main site and identified the box of replacement parts shipped as a result of previous visit and worked to swap out x115 the receiving dept phone which had some intermittent speakerphone issues. I delivered the RMA swapped out unit to Josh along w/ the RMA label to ship it back explaining Crexendo will charge if the phone is not returned within 30 days. I then looked at Lilia’s phone, she wasn’t in the office but Josh told me it was cutting in/out so I checked the handset and it did seem like it cut in/out when I wigged the cord so I swapped it w/ a new handset (in the box of replacement parts) and wigged the cord and also placed a test call and it did not experience cutting in/out. I then took the spare parts and went to the other building and met w/ Tony who walked me though his needs where I swapped out the 123 ext at his desk w/ his original 101 extension and then installed a new ext 111 at the front desk area for Xander and then confirmed plugging in a spare phone (x102) in the last room is ready for when Alejandra migrates over from the other building she can simply take her phone with her, plug and play. Lastly we talked about wiring a phone outside the offices just into the warehouse about 10-12ft where either 1) wiring would need to be ran likely taking a few hours or 2) a phone supporting wireless can also be ordered or 3) an analog DTA + cordless phone can be used where the base is in the offices connected to the wiring but the charging cradle and phone are outside in the warehouse. Tony will present these options to Bobby and let me know what they’d like to do.

    Paid 8/10/23 – check #11792

  2. Service travel fee. – Minimum 1hr for service address: 5822 Research Dr Huntington Beach, CA 92649

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August 10, 2023 @ 7:59 am

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